With offices in 20 countries, NGV Motori offers over 34 years of CNG Conversion Experience

Company History and Background: 

NGV Motori  is a global leader in developing technologies that enable diesel engines to run on clean burning natural gas. NGV Motori has a very successful track record of developing, producing and supplying heavy-duty Natural Gas engines for international brands such as Cummins, Mack, Detroit Diesel, Volvo, International, Daihatsu, Iveco, Hino, Isuzu, Mercedes Benz, MAN and Hyun- dai. Since 1979 NGV Motori has supplied over 500,000 Natural Gas conversion kits worldwide.

In 1989, NGV Motori pioneered a new technology and converted the first bus from Diesel to CNG. This groundbreaking conversion began the Global Journey for NGV Motori and very quickly NGV converted Diesel engines all over the globe: From Australia to Germany, Croatia to Argentina, India to Thailand, NGV Motori become a leader in alternative fuel conversions.

In 1992, NGV Motori also began to provide its technology to develop and provide kits for duel fuel and bi-fuel conversion requirements. After successfully capturing a large share of the global business, in 2007, NGV Motori entered the USA markets and established many critical partnerships to provide its services to fleets and transport companies looking to move to a cleaner fuel alternative. Based in Northern Virginia NGV Motori  has moved quickly to get certifications from EPA and CARB and works with fleet owners to identify and meet their conversion requirements.

NGV Motori  presently manufactures and sells a wide range of natural gas conversion kits for all vehicle models and years

Resources Experience and Qualifications:

NGV Motori is an ISO 9001 certified OEM Company that has over 30 years of experience in the field of development and supply of Natural Gas engines. Today, NGV Motori has adequate US presence to introduce, distribute and support any of its natural gas conversion kits. The current project will be managed out of three different facilities all under NGV Motori.

Primary and initial development will take place in Dallas, Texas. This facility is 65,000 sq/ft with a highly qualified team of engineers with 30 years of experience, proper equipment and required space to manage the development, production, sales and supply of current and new Natural Gas engines.

Secondary facility in Reggio Italy will be used to do all of the prototyping and additional research and development for parts and electrical modifications. The 80,000 sq/ft Reggio facility is fully stocked with state of the art equipment, required to develop new CNG powered engines and complete all prototyping and engineering.

Thirtiary facility in Plainfield New Jersey is an accredited EPA testing lab. This is a 40,000 sq/ft facility equipped with high level testing equipment, labs, Dyno’s and engineering equipment to effectively perform all durability and emission testing for Motori Westport engines.

NGV Motori  provides a complete turnkey conversion solution for all of its clients. From prototyping to acquiring certifications and after market servicing, NGV Motori is well positioned to prosper into leader in the US as it already has been globally. Please visit our web site at  ngvus.com or ngvmotori.it for more information.


NGV Motori is committed to playing an important role in converting diesel or gasoline vehicles to run on natural gas. As an OEM NGV puts a lot of strength to develop and support a robust after sales service programs to our dealers.Compressed natural gas is the cleanest burning motor fuel on the market today. Fast, efficient and reliable NGV products and services make CNG an attractive choice for customers seeking to convert their vehicles to clean, dependable and cost-effective alternative clean fuel solutions. The company is committed to providing a cleaner healthier environment through its technological advance system of EPA certified conversion process and products for vehicles. Our products will not only meet the strict standards of EPA but exceed in its performance and help in reduce the dependency on foreign oil while meeting while helping the goals of “Keeping America’s Environment Clean and Healthy” 


NGV Motori offers a turn-key approach to converting diesel engines to run on CNG and LNG. As opposed to retrofitting engines (i.e., replacing the engine and drivetrain entirely), NGV converts the existing engine in place for a much lower cost than retrofits. We are dedicated to the development of clean and efficient technologies for internal combustion engines that substantially reduce exhaust emissions and enhance engine efficiency and performance. Solutions are available for cars, trucks, buses, off-road construction equipment, marine and stationary industrial engines.

We value our customers and strive to provide the highest quality of service and support. Our team operates with uncompromising integrity, obeying all laws and adhering to a stringent code of business conduct.


  • Provide fast, efficient, reliable CNG conversions.

  • Deliver 100% customer satisfaction.

  • Develop innovative CNG technologies.

  • Lead HD CNG conversion segment.

  • Provide competitive pricing.

  • Promote greener and cleaner fuel.

  • Encourage eco-sustainable transportation.

  • Improve America’s energy independence.

  • Produce significant cost savings for clients.

Core capacities and services

For the last several years, NGV Motori has been at the leading edge of implementing the safest and most advanced CNG conversion technologies. Each CNG conversion we introduce to the US marketplace meets and exceeds not only stringent US industry standards, but also EPA and /or California Air Resources Board (CARB) requirements.


Heavy Duty CNG Conversions - 29 years
Engine Development - 31 years
US Market Development - 6 year

CNG Conversions Kits

Dedicated and Dual Fuel Natural gas conversions kits for diesel engines.

Complete Engines

Sale and installation of fully rebuild for CNG engine.

CNG Repair and Inspections

CNG system repair and tank inspections performed quick and cost effective.

Financing for Maximum ROI

Properly financed or structured CNG conversions program can provide immediate ROI for your project.


Help with implementation of CNG conversions in other countries or applications.

Evolving Technologies

Implementation of the most advantageous CNG conversion technologies and techniques.

Partners & Clients

Each CNG conversion we install meets and exceeds not only stringent EPA and /or California Air Resources Board (CARB) requirements, but also industry standards. In conjunction with world leading kits and CNG tank manufactures, we were the first CNG conversion company in the nation to successfully convert several truck platforms to both dedicated CNG conversion systems as well as dual CNG conversion systems.

First Priority Bus Sales
Westport Innovations
Stoops Freightliner
Mercedes Benz
Toyota, Colombia
Nissan, Thailand and Colombia
Ford, USA
Mazda, Colombia
Kia, Colombia
Isuzu, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Myanmar
Hyundai, Korea
Suzuki, India
Mitsubishi Motors, Colombia
Hino, Colombia
Lion Bus
  • NGV Motori got their diesel to CNG conversion technology perfected!

    Lynn Lyon
    Pioneer Natural Resources
  • NGV Motori has being on a leading edge of the CNG fueling industry and the company posses one of the most extensive knowledge bases and experience.

    Dr. Kenneth Morgan
    TCU Energy Institute
  • Charles Stone
    Transportation Director Former President of the Texas Association for Pupil Transportation