With a pro-environment government, strong market demand for cheaper and cleaner alternative fuel technologies and ever growing prices of oil, there has never been a better time to become an authorized NGV Motori Retail Dealer. We are in the process of establishing our U.S. network and would be honored to give consideration to your business. The selection process demands that our potential dealers have an excellent record in Customer Satisfaction, are actively engaged with the community, have a convenient location and will provide a facility which is eco and customer friendly. Experience in the Automotive market is very desirable. We can even help you to establish your own operations if you are new to the business. Please use one of the links below to provide us with information necessary to asses your needs.

In today’s changing demand for alternative fuel vehicles many automotive dealers find themselves lost in the woods. NGV Motori offers our dealers extensive benefits through installation and distribution of CNG conversion kits and other environmentally friendly natural gas related products.


  • Achieve a strategic position in a dynamic market driven by fuel costs. Be a pioneer!
  • Offer consumers quality CNG technologies that address their need for cost-effective transportation.
  • Sell product that are simple to maintain, easy to work on, with no special tool investment.
  • Offer multi-engine lineup and products to address specific markets.
  • Attractive design and customer features on all natural gas conversions reasonably priced.
  • No major floor space requirements.
  • More  customer interest which will complement your other products to drive additional sales.
  • Well-suited for targeted marketing strategies.
  • Stronger Internet exposure and sales thorough your website and our websites
  • Co-op and national advertising programs to create baseline consumer demand.


Attract a New Market to Your Dealership
The NGV Motori line of CNG powered vehicles will attract new customers to dealerships because they provide a transportation alternative for those who are environmentally conscious and are looking for affordable, reliable natural gas driven vehicle.  Natural gas powered engines offered by NGV Motori meet the needs of many customers around the world and are becoming a necessity as oil prices continue to rise. To indicate your interest in becoming a NGV Motori Dealer/Distributor please give us a call or click on the link below.

Create New Fleet Sales Opportunities
Many customers who purchase Motori’s CNG conversion technologies are from fleet operations. Fleet customers use environmentally friendly vehicles in developments, planned communities, industrial complexes, and municipal and government entities. Our cng powered vehicles emit significantly less tailpipe emissions providing the ability to use them in any environment such as on-road, off-road, on-site, or to carry goods or people inside buildings. Our vehicles are a cost-effective, versatile alternative for fleet operations.

Increase Your Profit Potential
The demand for alternative fueled vehicles has increased significantly over the past few years. CNG conversion kits distributed by NGV Motori provide a value-added opportunity to grow your margin and profit in a new market segment and are inexpensive to add to your vehicle offerings. All the models, options, accessories, as well as extended service plans provide profit margin opportunities and create excitement and increased traffic at your dealership. Join one of the world’s leading electric vehicle mass distributor in this emerging trend in transportation!


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