Strong Positioning
We believe that NGV Motori USA is well positioned to meet the future alternative fuel needs of the consumers in the heavy duty automotive marketplace. We have a proven solutions in alternative fuel transportation segment, a broad range of the newest environmentally friendly CNG conversion kits and a strong emphasis on innovation and technology.

Unique Entrepreneurial and Innovative Culture
The diesel powered, heavy duty vehicle industry is witnessing tremendous and unprecedented changes. The customer demand is shifting towards more environmentally friendly products and natural gas is the answer for majority of them. There is increased demand from municipalities, government agencies, and the US Military for natural gas driven vehicles. To be successful in the automotive industry today, we must be on the leading edge of innovation and technology and we must be first in introducing and distributing these new natural gas conversion technologies to the consumer. NGV Motori USA has a disciplined approach to investment in products and technology with an emphasis on strong returns on those investments.

As carbon emissions and dependence on fossil fuels continue to rise, we believe it is important to change society’s perception of alternative fuel transportation.  NGV Motori USA is committed to building a solid foundation for the next century by offering many viable CNG powered engine choices in alternative fuel transportation.

NGV Motori USA is setting the industry standard by giving consumers an environmentally friendly choice of natural given vehicles in their truck purchase. Our company is creating a new generation of consumers within the auto industry, a generation that has the opportunity to choose an environmentally friendly, alternative fuel vehicle without compromising style and luxury. We believe in less compromise and more efficiency in products we offer, instilling environmental responsibility as a corporate value.

The cornerstone of our culture principals that directs the allocation of profits to shareholders, management, employees, and to the communities in which we operate, as well as to our ongoing R&D activities. In addition, NGV Motori USA is committed to an operating philosophy that is based on fairness and concern for employees.

With the significant growth NGV Motori USA anticipates to see over the next few years, our fundamental operating philosophy will remained constant as we believe it to be the key to our success.

Growth, Expansion, and Diversification 
As the automobile industry continues to evolve we are focused on further improving our Natural Gas product diversification to better balance the growing alternative fuel vehicle market demands. Industry expectations are for considerable growth over the next few years in total global natural gas vehicle production. The majority of this growth is expected to come from US, which it the key market where we are focused.