– Annual Fuel Savings (20%-30%)
– Same power torque
– EPA Approved
– Transitions to 100% Diesel Fuel Anytime

– Average Displacement of 40%-55%
– Lower price for fuel
– Drastic reduction of pollution
– Increasing of average life of the engine
– Reduction of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the engine

Visual Explanation of Mechanical Modifications

1- Kit installation

2- Dual Fuel system working

2.1 –components

2.2 –diesel mode working

2.3 –dual fuel mode working

3- performances

NGV Motori provides fast, efficient, reliable and cost effective CNG conversions solutions backed by written warranties, preventive maintenance and repair service on all CNG dedicated and dual fuel CNG conversion systems. We have implemented several of our patented technologies to decrease fueling time while increase safety and reliability of CNG conversion systems on heavy duty vehicle.

Our Dedicated CNG conversions

comes with many benefits

Advanced Technologies

Advanced CNG technologies used in our CNG conversions will provide superior quality, reliability, usability and enhanced esthetics.  Our customers find operation of the CNG vehicles exceeding their expectations.

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Customer Support

NGV Motori USA prides itself on providing superior customer and technical support for all CNG conversion installations. Our support goes above and beyond our dealer and customers’ expectations.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are the preferred choice with CNG Conversion service. No job is too small or too large for our organization. Our goal is to see our dealers to have satisfied customers every time.

All Heavy Duty Segments

Choose NGV Motori USA as your CNG conversion technology provider to get a satisfying experience.  We provide a wide spectrum of proven natural gas technologies to choose from.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Private and Public Clients Welcomed


We prize ourselves on not only providing the safest conversion technology but also making sure the conversion on the vehicle by our dealer network is done with the most technologically advanced components in a proven process.

Our experienced engineers stand ready to further improve conversion technology while trained technicians install EPA / CARB certified CNG conversion systems on your fleet of vehicles.

  • Municipal Fleets

  • Private Fleets

  • School Districts

  • International Fleets

  • Minority Owned

  • HUB Certified

  • Buy Boards

  • Nationwide Partnerships

More About NGV Motori

CNG Conversion Partners

Dedicated and Dual-Fuel Conversion Kits

NGV Motori is the world leading CNG conversion diesel to natural gas kit manufacture. With over 30 years of experience we have worked with many well established manufactures all over the world to successfully convert many engine types to both dedicated as well as dual fuel CNG conversion system.

Lion Bus
Hino, Colombia
Mitsubishi Motors, Colombia
Suzuki, India
Hyundai, Korea
Isuzu, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Myanmar
Kia, Colombia
Mazda, Colombia
Ford, USA
Nissan, Thailand and Colombia
Toyota, Colombia
Mercedes Benz
Stoops Freightliner
Man Trucks

Competitive CNG Conversions

Safety, Quality, Speed – We have the best value all around

CNG Conversions

  1. Dedicated or Dual Fuel;

  2. All Types of Vehicles;

  3. Financing is Available;

  4. Quick Turnaround.

At NGV Motori, we provide CNG conversion technologies that can be installed in a timely matter and in the most professional way. We can assist to convert all gasoline and diesel engine types as long as there is enough interest to justify the process of getting EPA approvals for conversion technology of that engine type.

CNG Conversions



  • Min CNG SpaceMinimum amount of fuel can be installed on the vehicle
  • Max CNG SpaceMaximum amount of fuel can be installed on the vehicle
  • EPA/CARB Certified
  • Fast Fueling Technology
  • Warranty

Light Duty

start from


  • At least 8 GGE
  • Up to 47 GGEDepending on the make and model of the vehicle
  • Fully Compliant
  • Not ApplicableOptional Upon Request
  • 2 Years / Unlimited Miles

Medium Duty

start from


  • At least 23 GGE
  • Up to 104 GGEDepending on the truck type and configuration
  • Fully Compliant
  • OptionalOptional Upon Request
  • 2 Years / Unlimited Miles

Heavy Duty

start from


  • At least 23,5 GGE
  • Up to 144 GGEDepending on the truck/bus type and configuration
  • Fully Compliant
  • IncludedIncluded as a standard but can be removed upon request
  • 2 Years / Unlimited Miles

Ready to convert YOUR FLEET to CNG?

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